When Digital Transformation puts pressure on IT Departments to reinvent themselves

Most of the time, IT departments are dis-intermediated on digital needs and initiatives by business teams.

IT needs to change its ecosystem of providers and partners which are totally impacted by the Cloud. Today, the Cloud is everywhere and the question is not anymore « Do we have any other choice? », but « How to get there as fast as possible? »

As an example, for the sake of efficiency, the use of DevOps practices helps breaking down silos between IT development and operations teams, and leads to faster deployment cycles*.

IT Departments have to unlock « Digital Innovation » by redesigning their structure and the way they work. In order to achieve that, creating a Digital Service Unit with a cross-functional team and investing on a strong Digital Platform, is the way to address the need for developing, testing and implementing fast business-driven digital solutions. When CIOs invest in such strategies, the benefits are quickly visible.

In organisations that have already implemented this kind of initiatives, the network created between IT and Business as well as the scalable digital responses allow to fully and easilysupport business projects.

* Source: Capgemini Consulting / The Digital Transformation Symphony

Link: https://www.capgemini-consulting.com/resource-file-access/resource/pdf/the-it-business-symphony.pdf


écrit par Basile Escoffier

Basile Escoffier

Digital Expert – Managing Consultant, Digital Strategy & Transformation – Capgemini Consulting

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